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April 17, 2005

Marketing Outrageously

I really enjoyed Jon Spoelstra’s Marketing Outrageously. Spoelstra’s emphasis on top-line revenue is refreshing in a marketing book, and I think his “does it make money?” approach to advertising is right on target.

Aside from the rubber-chicken-in-a-FedEx-package, the marketing examples he presents, mostly from the world of professional sports, didn’t strike me as that outrageous. They struck me as sensible. (I suppose that in the world of marketing, sensible often is outrageous.) They weren’t all obvious though, and that’s why I felt like I got something useful from almost every chapter.

The book looks like it was typeset by someone who had just won a disk full of fonts and royalty-free photos, and it could have used a stronger editorial hand. (Spoelstra also drags out the railroads-and-airlines business lesson that I love to hate.) That is just quibbling, though. The book was easy and fun to read. By the time I finished it I had specific action items in mind, knew that I wanted my team to read it, and that I would prefer my competitors didn’t. What better test is there of a business book?

Posted by Bob Pritchett at April 17, 2005 5:19 PM

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