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March 31, 2006

What is your entrepreneurial IQ?

Mine is 78. (I don’t care enough about money. I’ll work on that.)

"You have several characteristics that indicate entrepreneurial potential. This means that for the most part, you possess the personality traits and skills typically found in entrepreneurs. You would be well-equipped to tackle the difficult task of owning your own business."


Bill Wagner’s quiz was fun; I found the questions as interesting as the analysis. (Thanks Startup Fever and Business Opportunities.)

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March 24, 2006

When simpler would be better

My wife's garage door opener stopped working.

The remote rattled when you moved it, so I suspected an easy fix. Looking to impress the family with my long-lost skills in electronics, I pried it open and diagnosed the problem: the little switch thingy (technical term) had broken off the circuit board.

I declared victory and went looking for my soldering iron. I pawed through every box of childhood detritus in the basement. I found solder, wire, resistors, and diodes, but not the soldering iron. I went and bought a new one. Finally, over spread newspapers on the kitchen table, I began electronic surgery as my children looked on in fascination.

A half-hour later the children were gone. I was sitting alone amidst the metallic droppings of many failed attempts to solder the tiny switch in place when my wife came in.

"Why don’t you just use a piece of tape?" she asked.

My wife is wonderful, but obviously not very technical. I explained to her why that was a completely ridiculous suggestion. Then, after she left, I got a piece of transparent tape from the children's school supplies and firmly fastened the switch in position. It has functioned perfectly ever since.

It is always fun, both at home and at work, to come across a problem to which you can apply all your tools and skills. But before you build the web site, create the database, or bring in the attorneys, ask yourself if the cheaper, faster, better solution wouldn't be a clipboard, a file folder, a phone call, or a piece of tape.

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March 4, 2006

'Crazy' Author reviews Fire Someone Today

Barry Moltz, author of You Need to Be a Little Crazy, was kind enough to review Fire Someone Today on his blog and to call it “a must read for every entrepreneur.”

Barry writes and speaks on entrepreneurship, and has one of the best author/speaker web sites I have seen. When I contacted him last year for some advice on launching and promoting FST, Barry took the time to talk with me, generously answering my questions and sharing his experiences. I would encourage you to check out his book and site.

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