1. Fire Someone Today

2. You Are the Reason You Are in Business

3. Nobody Loves Your Baby Like You Do

4. There Can Be Only One-Plan for Your Partner's Departure

5. Don't Hire Anyone You Haven't Interviewed

6. Cash Is King

7. Quality, Price, Service--Prioritize

8. Nobody Needs an Optimistic Accountant

9. You Can Always Find 5%

10. Profit Is Why You Are in Business

11. If You Are Not Growing, You Are Shrinking

12. Good Systems Protect You from the Perfect Employee

13. The One Who Writes Wins

14. Read

15. Don't Fly Blind--Build a Dashboard

16. Visit Everyone in Person

17. Press Is Yours if You Ask--and if You Want It

18. In Acquisitions the Buyer Is the Loser

19. Buy Lunch

20. Winning Takes 51%

21. Some People Are Your Greatest Assets

22. Business Is a Serious Game